• Annual Fire Inspections

    The Fire Marshal completes all of the business inspections for the cities of North Ogden, Pleasant View and Harrisville. There is no charge for the first inspection or the first follow-up inspection, if one is needed. These inspections are done to benefit the safety of the general public, protect our firefighters and protect business owners. To schedule a fire inspection, please contact Ryan Barker at (801)782-8159.

  • Public Education

    Our public education program was established over 20 years ago by “Fireball” and “Smokehouse.” Our program targets all the elementary schools in our jurisdiction. We teach fire safety messages annually at school assemblies through “characterization” or “clowning” We have found this to be a successful way to catch and hold the attention of the children as we teach important lessons about safety. The program is now headed up by Hydro, Hose Tower and Deck Gun, but it is a team effort and gains support from many department members.

    We also have an annual Fire Safety Open House, which is typically the first Monday in October. At this event we invite the public to come and learn about fire safety through participation.  We do a live fire demonstration to teach people about the importance of residential sprinkler systems. We offer fire engine rides to the children, let them squirt water out of fire hoses and allow community members to walk through our station and get to know our firefighters better.

  • Information for Contractors
    Plan Reviews

    All fire suppression systems and fire alarm plans reviews will be done by a third party plan reviewer. The contractor will be responsible for this cost; it will be directly paid to North View Fire District. Final acceptance tests will not be issued until this cost is paid in full. All other plans reviews not requiring the above mentioned will be done in house and will not require any additional fees. For all plans reviews we require three physical copies of plans to be submitted to our station. Please allow up to two weeks for a plan review to be completed.

  • Planning

    The Fire Marshal sits in on all of the technical review meetings within North Ogden, Harrisville and Pleasant View. These meetings are held to advise what will be required in the earliest stages of the process to eliminate any confusion when the actual building process begins. If you would like to schedule a meeting with the Fire Marshal please call (801)782-8159

  • Permits

    North View Fire District issues operational and installation permits. Permits will not be issued until the plans review has been approved. No acceptance tests or certificate of occupancy will be issued until all permits are in place

  • Acceptance Tests

    Acceptance tests are required for all fire protection systems. To schedule an acceptance test please call at least 48 hours in advanced.

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