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Do we teach CPR classes?

Yes we do, the charge is $30.00 per person. The $30.00 fee covers the testing materials and also compensates the instructors, as they are off duty when they teach. We also rent our CPR training dummies if you wanted to teach a class of your own. There is a $20.00 deposit required at the time of the rental. Upon return of the equipment $10.00 will be refundable; the other $10.00 is used for supplies and sanitizing. To schedule a CPR class please contact Dave Griggs.

Who do I contact for ambulance billing questions?

Ambulance billing questions can be referred to our billing service, First Professional Services Corporation. They can be reached at 1-800-658-8700.

Do we offer fire station tours?

Yes we do, but due to the amount of demand we limit these tours to be done for the members of the communities of Harrisville, North Ogden and Pleasant View. Remember that firefighters on duty are giving the tours so they may get called out to an emergency during the tour. To schedule a tour ask for the captain on duty.

What is the hiring process?

We are a combination department, which means we use a combination of full-time and part-time employees to fill shifts. All of our full-time personnel are hired from our part-time roster. We do not have specific hiring dates, but we welcome your resume and application, which will be kept on file until future positions are vacant. To submit an application at our department we require, State of Utah EMT-A, State of Utah Firefighter I & II, Hazmat Awareness and OPS, a valid state of Utah drivers’ license and High school diploma or GED. You can stop by our station to pick up an application weekdays, during normal business hours or download a copy from our website.

How do I schedule a business inspection or home daycare inspection?

Fire inspections should be done a minimum of once a year. To schedule these inspections please contact Fire Marshal Ryan Barker at 801-782-8159 .